Health Care Managment System

Health care managment system is a branch of a medical training which improve the co-ordination with all hospital sectors (nurses, doctors and other hospital employees)


The scope of the Health care managment system
Is to improve the quality of all medical – non medical staff of the hospitals so that’s will impact on the patients sacs factions.

The Health care managment system is including the following.
A.  Organization

  1. Building Capabilities
  2. Mission, Vision, setting objectives, KPIs, Retention plan.
  3. Developing Strategy.
  4. Accreditation.
  5. Performance Developing and PIP (performance improvement programme ).
  6. Quality Management System.

B –People

1- Competence Skills (skills related to the job. 

2- Human Skills (Soft skills).
3- Recruitment Selection.

4- Performance and Behaviour.        

5- Supervisory /Management Skills.  

6- Human Aspect of Management.
7- Leadership Skills.     

8- Nursing   Accreditation.
9- Team Building.                           

10-Succession planning.
11- Risk Management.             

12- Crisis Management.
13- Quality Training Program.   

14- Nursing protection from risk occupation

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