•  Fawzy Bebawy is an Egyptian Citizen residing in Cairo, Egypt.
    He is holding a degree M.B.B.Ch from faculty of Medicine and master degree in Marketing from USA.
  •  He worked for Amoun Pharmaceuticals for 4 years holding the title of Regulatory affairs Manager. In addition, he worked for ABI/Glaxo for 7 years as H.R.A. Manager and Export Manager.
  •  Another experience for Fawzy Bebawy was at GSK for 16 years holding of scientific office Manager, position And Export Manager.
  • Fawzy has attend courses on selling skills, coaching, marketing seminar, Management skills, Export Management, Forecasting and Finance for Non-financial Managers.
  • His areas of interest are international H.R.A., Export, Marketing and Tender business.
  • Professional in pharmacovigilance guidelines.
  • Active member in international society of pharmacovigilance (ISoP)U.K. & Pharmaceutical Information and Pharmacovigilance Association (PIPA).
  • Expert is CTD & eCTD
  • He was a lecturer in faculty of pharmaceutical industry (Sudan) and International trading (USA).